Metafrog Business Club Staking Guide — wen utility?

$RIBBET: The Metafrog’s native currency
Our Staking System will automatically detect your Metafrogs rarity, and display it’s base multiplier.
  • You will know if you have qualified for a time multiplier if the ⏳ appears.
  • The bonus will be automatically applied to your Metafrog earnings on unstake.
  • If you stake for 29 days, you will qualify for 15 days. If you stake for 30 days, you will only qualify for 30 days (not 15 day bonus as well).
  1. GO TO
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Your Metafrog NFTs will appear in the METAFROGS IN YOUR WALLET section. Give it a second to load, it takes some time to pull that data from your wallet. If it doesn’t work, give it a refresh — we promise it works.
  4. Find the Metafrog NFT that you want to Stake, and click STAKE FROG . There will be a very minor fee that SOL charges for the transaction (cents), but it will be returned when you unstake.
  5. The only way you can claim your $RIBBET is by unstaking your Metafrog. When you want to do this, click unstake and a popup should appear on your wallet displaying how much $RIBBET you have earned + any bonuses. You will need to approve this for it to process.
Preview of Staked Metafrog
  1. Visit Birdseye and find the $RIBBET token (
  2. Once on the $RIBBET page, look for the section to Swap
  3. Swap any token you have, into $RIBBET.
  • You are able to invest in $RIBBET, by swapping into it and driving coin prices higher; or
  • You are able to trade $RIBBET as you would a coin on pancakeswap/uniswap.
  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Type in how much $RIBBET and $USDC you’d like to provide (your total position size is 2x of however much USDC you stake, it’s matched 50/50 with $RIBBET).
  4. Accept the Raydium Liquidity Guide Rules
  5. Click Supply
  6. Approve the transaction in your wallet
  7. Enjoy and earn fees + rewards on your $RIBBET. Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  1. NFT Vending Machine
  • Don’t want to wait to accrue the amount of $RIBBET you need we plan on introducing Totem/Trophies to apply to your personal pond, to apply additional multipliers on your staking rewards.
  • Using $RIBBET to mint a Voucher that can be redeemed for MFBC Limited Drops of Seasonal Merchandise (more information will be provided on this exact process at a later date).
  • Redeeming Raffle Tickets for SOL & other NFT Goodies.
  • The above is subject to change, with our team being focused on looking to bring more utility to $RIBBET and adding other mechanisms that our developer is comfortable with!
  • Note, all redemption of tokens as described above will result in those tokens being burned.
Metafrog Vial
Mutant Metafrog




Welcome to the Medium Profile for the Metafrog Business Club. We hope any technical developments can be explained in proper depth here and we hope it’s useful!

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Metafrog Business Club

Metafrog Business Club

Welcome to the Medium Profile for the Metafrog Business Club. We hope any technical developments can be explained in proper depth here and we hope it’s useful!

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